Project Management & Consultancy

At B.A.S.E. Design, we offer comprehensive Project Management Consultancy services to ensure that your vision materializes seamlessly, on time, and within budget. Our seasoned team of Project Management & Consultancy experts takes the helm, guiding you through every stage of your project with precision and finesse.

Pre Contract Services

• Detailed BOQ preparation with specifications
• Cost estimate creation with price analysis
• Bidding document preparation with contract terms
• Supplier prequalification assistance
• Tender document preparation with BOQ
• Comparative statement creation
• Vendor negotiation support

Preconstruction Stage

• Establish communication protocols and documentation procedures
• Identify and mitigate key project risks
• Regular reporting and master program development
• Coordination of drawings and design reviews
• Construction method review and agreement
• Material procurement schedule management

Construction Stage

• Robust time management with
• Construction Programme updates
• Early warning system for potential timeline impacts
• Ensuring strict adherence to construction programme
• Monitoring advance orders for materials
• Monthly progress reporting
• Implementation of change order strategy

Cost Management

• Agreed-upon cost schedule preparation and updates
• Change order review and client advisement
• Rate analysis for non-scheduled items
• Budget reconciliation and tracking
• Quantity execution review and reconciliation

Bill Certification

• Bills compliance check and document verification
• Joint Measurement Records validation
• Running Account Bills verification
• Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) review
• Reconciliation Statements validation
• Payment Certificate preparation
• Final Accounts conclusion assistance

Risk Management & Closure

• Identify and analyze project risks
• Prioritize and mitigate risks
• Continuous risk monitoring and adjustment
• Virtual completion certificate issuance assistance
• Final Closure report creation

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