BOQ, Estimation & DPR

Experience transparency and accuracy in project management with our comprehensive BOQ (Bill of Quantities), Estimation, and DPR (Detailed Project Report) services. We provide you with detailed insights into project costs, materials, and timelines, enabling you to make informed decisions at every stage of the journey. B.A.S.E Designs: Your trusted experts in BOQ estimation & DPR services.

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Quantity Surveying & Cost Management:

We bring precision to your projects with tailored solutions for cost management and quantity surveying. Our adept team creates clear contract documents to ensure smooth project delivery, avoiding disputes. Through meticulous cost analysis, we determine rates for labor, materials, machinery, transport, and overhead expenses. Our cost management services encompass consultations, estimations, planning, control, budget monitoring, and value engineering.

Structural Consultancy:

With an unwavering commitment to stability and strength, we excel in structural consultancy. Our seasoned engineers predict and calculate the rigidity of structures, integrating designs seamlessly. We specialize in new designs, evaluation, renovation, and repair of buildings and structures. Our expertise spans across residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and more. We offer structural design, peer review, and meticulous attention to detail in every project.

Land Survey & Mapping Services:

Navigating the terrain with precision, we offer comprehensive land survey and mapping services. From total station surveys to drone and LiDAR surveys, we create accurate representations of land and structures. Our services include building layout, road surveys, hydrological studies, and more. We provide vital data for informed decision-making, utilizing advanced drone technology for meaningful insights.

Geo Technical Engineering:

At B.A.S.E. Design, we delve deep into the earth to ensure stability and safety. Our geotechnical solutions encompass field investigations, soil testing, and non-destructive testing (NDT). We analyze soil properties, provide geophysical surveys, and assess concrete structures. Our geotechnical design expertise extends to slope stabilization, ground improvement, settlement analysis, and more.

Contract and Tendering:

Navigating the realm of contracts and tenders, we offer expert guidance in proposal preparation, contract drafting, and tender analysis. We ensure that you align with project requirements and assess the impact on your resources and capabilities. Our experts assist in evaluating contracts' effects on existing workloads and future opportunities, aiding in informed decision-making.

Quality Control:

Dedicated to maintaining exceptional standards, we emphasize quality control across projects. We implement meticulous processes to check materials and workmanship, ensuring adherence to specifications. Our quality audit covers construction material, reports, and workmanship, leaving no room for compromise.

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