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We are an Artistic, Structural & Engineering Designing Agency.


Are you ready to join us on an incredible journey of shaping the future of artistic and structural design in India? 

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B.A.S.E. Designs

We are an Artistic, Structural & Engineering designing agency that believes that the quality of design services whether in residence or industrial determines the quality of our lives and the ambience.

Our agency has teams to provide the proper modelling and sculpting of spaces in the light of natural flair. This will give your place a soothing presence in all proportions.

We are based out of Haridwar, Uttarakhand and providing services across INDIA, NEPAL, BHUTAN, BANGLADESH, SUDAN, MIDDLE EAST and SRI LANKA

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Crafting Visions into Reality


Embarking on a design journey with B.A.S.E. Design means partnering with a team that is dedicated to turning your aspirations into tangible masterpieces. Our meticulous design process ensures that every project undergoes a transformation from concept to reality, guided by creativity, expertise, and unwavering attention to detail.


Conceptualization and Ideation

In this initial phase, we delve into your vision, understanding your goals and preferences. Our team of artists, engineers, and designers collaborates to conceptualize ideas that fuse artistry and engineering brilliance.


Design Refinement and Development

Building upon the conceptual blueprint, we enter the design refinement phase. Our experts meticulously refine the details, ensuring that every element aligns with your vision and our commitment to structural integrity.


Our Esteemed Projects

Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us?

Mrs.Diksha Happy Client

Trustworthy and proficient, Base Design transforms complex challenges into well-crafted structures, a testament to their exceptional engineering acumen.

Mr.Nitin Happy Client

Impeccable attention to detail defines Base Design's work, evident in the precision and durability of their ingeniously engineered projects.

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